Monday, December 15, 2014

Simple DIY Quiet Book

Having trouble keeping your kids quiet when you are at Church, doctor’s office, or driving for a few hours?

Lately, I have struggled to get my two cute kiddos to be quiet and reverent during Church. My sweet Mom gave me her collection of the Friend she no longer needed. These magazines have darling stories, and activities. I started to notice the magazines were getting crumpled in our travels to and from church. Then came a really simple idea that my kids absolutely adore and I want to share it with you.

Introducing, the new and simplified QUIET BOOK!

Supplies needed:
·      Magazines : The Friend or Highlights, etc. (Note: If you live in Utah, you can go   to Deseret Industries and find tons of them)}
·      Free Printables online {printed}  Favorite Free Printable Source
·      3 ring binder
·      Sleeve paper protectors
·      Dry Erase Crayola Crayons/Markers
·      Baby Wipes {They are amazing for other reasons, but these babies are incredible for dry erase boards, chalkboards, clothes, etc- I am passionate about these…maybe for another post!}

* If you need the pages to be more sturdy, either glue or place a page of card stock between
* 3 ring binder pencil pouches would be amazing to keep the crayons/markers in 

1) Remove the staples from the magazine. Either you can find pages you think your kids would enjoy or make it into a fun activity letting them pick stories, and activities they would like to keep in the binder.  –OR- find pages online {link above of our favorite printable} 

2)  Place into the sleeve {I like to do mine back to back, but feel free to do it whatever way you like!}

3)   Put the sleeves in the 3 ring binder and you are ready to go!

4)   Have fun using the dry erase markers and don’t forget a baby wipe to wipe off that favorite page J Enjoy some peace and quiet as your child is having the time of their life! 

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