Sunday, March 9, 2014

Teaching "I Stand All Amazed"

I have been contemplating how to teach the Primary kids this song since we received the Primary outline. It is such a sacred song and I have been worrying and praying about portraying the sacred nature of it. I know by inviting the Spirit and testifying of the truths found in this song, that will be what stays with the kids. Here is just an outline of my thoughts, and object lesson on how I plan on teaching this song. Hope it helps!!

What you will need: 

  • Wordstrips: Amazing,  {1} Amazed, offers, confused, grace, proffers, tremble, crucified, sinner, suffered 
  • Paper with the word cruciferous on it {see attached documents- message me if you would like them - they are in the Primary Facebook page} 
  • Signs with the word 'Wonderful' on them attached to paint sticks 
  • Pictures of the Savior {Red Robe, Resurrected Christ with Mary- place on board at the beginning of singing time to invite the Spirit} 
  • Basket full of a head of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Romaine and any other 'cruciferous vegetables' you have or can buy {or like}. I brought an apple too! 

  • Knife/cutting board
  • Song {I Stand All Amazed by Katherine Thompson} from this CD 

  • Some kind of technology to play this movie clip from. I used my laptop, because I am not certain how to save the movie from youtube to a CD to play on the TV's from the Church Library. {If anyone knows how to do this- will you please educate me!? Thanks!} 

{I played this movie while playing "I Stand All Amazed" at the same time} 

Lesson Content: 
{Place the word Amazing on whatever board you have to use} AMAZING- What does this word mean? What are some things you have found to be amazing?

Here is what I have found amazing. How many of you love these vegetables? I love broccoli, cabbage and lettuce! These vegetables are all considered "Cruciferous"{Place the paper on the board}. What does this word sound like? There is a word you all know that sounds similar. Crucified. Explain that when you break down the word "cruciferous" it means "cross bearing". If you look at the vegetables, the way they grow, the leaves form a cross.

{Here's an example….

{If you want to add more, you can ask the kids "What do these taste like if you were to take a big bite?" "Bitter?" "Don't you usually like to add salt, cheese, dressing, etc to make them taste better?" Then you could read D&C 19: 18. Explain and testify of the Atonement and how much our Savior loves us enough to die for us.}

Then I would grab my head of romaine lettuce and cut it in half and ask the kids what they see. {There will be a star pattern} Ask the kids what they know about a star. The Star in Bethlehem guiding people to the Jesus Christ where he was born. You can then grab your apple and cut it in half horizontally and there will be another Star.

Explain and testify of how incredible and AMAZING Heavenly Father's creations are.

But that the most AMAZING story ever told is The Atonement. Why is it amazing? {Let the kids explain!} Testify of what you know to be true about the Atonement.

Then this is when I played the movie clip and song so that the kids can hear the song and really realize the sacredness of this song. {Or you could always invite someone to sing live instead!} **You could do either one of these ideas if you are unable to do both! They both really invited the Spirit when I did this last week!! It made me bawl- be prepared ;)

I taught the kids the chorus first and talked about why is it "wonderful" that Jesus died?! Seems like a strange word…We talked about how wonderful it is that He died for us because he loved us and wanted us to live with Him and Heavenly Father again. We are going to make mistakes, but if we repent and change to be better and try harder every day to be good, then we can be forgiven. He wants us to live with joy because of the peace this message brings to our hearts. So when we sang "Wonderful" I had the kids really sing their testimonies of why they think it is wonderful {and it sounded AMAZING!!!} The kids loved holding up the wonderful signs especially my sunbeams. I think that was one of the kids favorite parts of the song!

I followed the Primary Outline for teaching this song. I split the classes into 4 groups with each class having a paper with the first line of the song. For example, "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me". Then I would have the kids pick out any of the words that are hard to understand or words they have never seen before {amazed, offers}. We talked about each word and the placed them on the board so we could remember the hard words. {The papers with the verse and the hard words were coordinated. You could do it whatever way you would like. I just happened to have run out of ink from my printer and had to handwrite them!}  I would have the kids explain the line of the song as well. Then I would have them sing the line. Then have the whole primary sing it twice so we get each line down well.

Share your testimony at the end.

Thanks for reading through this and hope it helps someone somewhere! :)

{PS: You could totally do this for FHE too!! Especially for Easter coming up!}


  1. Using this today! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You're welcome! You will have to let me know how it goes :)