Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pioneer Singing Time

Pioneer Day- one of my all time favorite holidays. The BEST part of this holiday is looking at the people whom we have come from and this awesome quote:

Isn't that quote great? There are so many pioneers all around us! For singing time, I wanted to focus it around this quote. I thought it would help the kids better relate to pioneers and to realize that they are just like them in so many ways.

Begin by asking the children: 
  • What is a pioneer? {I'm sure you will get all sort of cute answers- love asking questions to see their responses} 
*You could have the word pioneers scrambled up... {use songs on the back too!}
*****You could start singing "To Be a Pioneer" here too!
  • Our Prophet today has given us a definition or helped us understand what a pioneer is. Let me share with you the quote {from up above^} 
  • Are you a pioneer? What are some characteristics of the Pioneers that we need today? 


{You could include details more about how you have been learning "Come, Follow Me". Bring in a picture with the fishermen/His Disciples- they chose to follow the Savior.  Pioneer children loved to go fishing too! We are going to go fishing and find answers to how we can be like pioneers....}

****There are so many options at this point. You can have the characteristics attached to a clipart handcart, fishes, footprints, etc. The ideas are endless!! Try and find as many ways as possible to associate pioneers and the primary children. {I am going to have my kids go fishing for the characteristics- you can attach paper clips to some clipart fish {I've attached some} and have the songs on back. Then use some kind of pole- real fishing pole or a dowel with some string} 

******Feel free to add any other characteristics or songs you would like to have covered. These are just examples of ones I am going to be using...

Characteristics of Pioneers/Songs
  • Gratitude: My Heavenly Father Loves Me
  • Faith: Faith, To Be a Pioneer
  • Serve Others:  I'll Walk with You, I'm trying to be like Jesus 
  • Hardworking: Go the Second Mile, I will Follow God's plan 
  • Choose the right: Nephi's Courage, Choose the Right, Choose the Right Way 
  • Courage: Nephi's Courage, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ
  • Testimony of Joseph Smith: The Golden Plates, Joseph Smith's First Prayer, An Angel came to Joseph Smith 
  • Testimony of Living Prophet: Build an Ark/Follow the Prophet
  • Testimony of Jesus Christ: I know that my Savior Loves Me, Gethsemane, I wonder when He come again 
  • Follow Our Savior's Example: Come, Follow Me
  • Love the Scriptures: Scripture Power, Search-Ponder & Pray, The Miracle
  • Love Our Family: Families can be together Forever, Family History--I am doing it, The Family is of God
  • Holy Ghost: The Holy Ghost
*Share your testimony through expounding on whichever song they choose. How we can liken our days to theirs too! 

Dress like a Pioneer Game

*Pick a boy and girl to wear a bonnet/cowboy hat 
**Have them sing a song and put a piece of clothing on you {apron/bonnet/skirt/shoes--for men cowboy type hat/vest/ etc}} 
PS:The kids LOVED this last year! 


*Using heavy whipping cream, pinch of salt and a shaker {baby jar, bottle} and have the kids shake the butter and at the end serve with bread {This is always a hit!}


Have the kids pull the taffy there at Church or you could make it before hand and wrap in wax paper to give to them 

Play some pioneer games
*Stick Pull
*Hide a button {hot & cold} or have a few kids come up and see if someone can guess

Hope this helps in celebrating Pioneer Day!! Let me know what you end up doing to celebrate :) Love to hear your ideas too! 

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