Saturday, January 25, 2014

Olympic Singing Time- {The Torch}

Who loves the Olympics? I know I do and the kids LOVE it too. 

I made this torch out of:
Yellow Paper
Orange Tissue Paper
Toilet Paper Roll
Gold Washi Tape 
Scotch Tape
Flashlight {Make sure it fits as close to the top as possible}
You will also need some: Scissors! :) 

This was super fun to make and I had my whole family excited to see how it was going to turn out. My first attempt was a fail- I was hoping I could just tape some orange and yellow tissue paper to the flashlight. 
1) Cut out flames {2} shape 
2) Wrap toilet paper roll with washi tape 
3) Tape flames with tape on inside
4) Tape the bottom with wash tape so flashlight stays inside
5) Once flashlight is in stick a small piece of the orange tissue paper inside on top 

Ideas on using the Torch:
  • Talk about how the Torch is lit for the Olympic and stays going until the next Olympics where it is then passed on to wherever they will be hosting the Olympics. 

  • Pass the Torch: Have the song playing that you are wanting to review and pass the torch. The person it lands on has to either share what the next word is, how they can share the light, etc {whatever questions you would like for the kids to answer} 
    • You could also see which class can earn to hold the torch- everyone participating, singing etc. 
    • What does the torch represent? How can we liken this to the Gospel? 
      • Talk about the Light of Christ and how we can share it - we need to pass on the Gospel message to everyone we can